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  • 22.09.2021

    URGENT Communications product distribution company is looking for a warehouse clerk to carry out the following tasks: receipt of goods, preparation of orders, loading and unloading of material, 'picking', control of the exits of transport agencies, preparation of 'delivery notes, ... etc. Moderate physical effort and previous experience in the use of the hand truck and pallet truck are required.

  • 22.09.2021

    Restaurant in Sant Feliu, looking for an experienced chef who will support the chef. Experience in menu, menu and tapas services. Preparation of dishes and cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen.

    The ability to organize, a high degree of responsibility and autonomy and the ability to commit will be valued. This is a stable position.

    A part-time position and a full-time position are offered.

  • 22.09.2021

    Experienced waiter looking for restaurant in Sant Feliu. Responsible, organized, committed, communication skills, dealing with the public. Training provided by the company.

    A part-time position and a full position are offered.

  • 22.09.2021

    Molins de Rei company is looking for a warehouse manager with knowledge of mechanics and / or hydraulics.

    It will carry out tasks specific to the warehouse: preparation of orders, location of the material, loading and unloading and computer management through the company's own software.

    It is essential that the person has knowledge of industrial mechanics.

    The truck license and the knowledge of the job and computer at the user level will be valued.

  • 22.09.2021

    Peixateria de Sant Feliu is looking for an assistant assistant for handling, cutting and selling fish to the public. Essential experience in cutting and gender manipulation

  • 15.09.2021

    Graphic arts company located in Sant Feliu is looking for a person with manipulative skills for the pre-assembly section. It would be a versatile professional profile related to pedestrianization, handling of parts, warehouse, ...

    The main tasks to be performed will be: pre-assembly of clichés, transport of heavy material, use of computer programs, ...

    Interested persons must attach the curriculum for competencies.

  • 20.09.2021

    Pharmaceutical company, warehouse operator looking to receive and locate material in the warehouse, order preparation, picking, ...

    Person with proactivity, who likes to work in a team and accustomed to high rates of work and productivity.

  • 20.09.2021

    We are looking for a fishmonger in Sant Feliu, customer service and sale and cutting of fish. Cleaning and conditioning of workspaces and sales. Applications with experience in cutting meat and chicken will be evaluated.

  • 17.09.2021

    URGENT Restaurant located in Sant Feliu is looking for a chef to prepare a market cuisine making à la carte dishes and menus. You must have experience in hot and cold areas and support the kitchen in other tasks (supervision and ordering, cleaning, ... etc.).

  • 17.09.2021

    URGENT Restaurant located in Sant Feliu is looking for a person with experience as a dishwasher to perform tasks of cleaning dishes and work areas of the kitchen.

  • 17.09.2021

    URGENT Restaurant located in Sant Feliu is looking for an experienced waiter to carry out the following tasks: bar and table service, customer service, ... etc. Tpv domain, dataphone and customer service required.

  • 16.09.2021

    URGENT Sports center is looking for a maintenance worker to carry out the maintenance of the indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Specifically, the following tasks will be performed: care and maintenance of sports facilities (preparation and tuning of the different spaces), maintenance and cleaning of the garden, cleaning of the different accesses.

  • 16.09.2021

    Handling of fresh fruit and vegetables for consumption: cleaning, processing and packaging. Physical effort by handling 25-kilo boxes and working in a cold room. Valuable driver's license and food handler card.

    Essential certificate of social exclusion.

  • 15.09.2021

    Administrative to support the Administrative-accounting department. Scanning of invoices, control of office equipment (placing orders, stock control, distributing material ...), documentation file, management of incidents of transport providers, review and annual entry of transport tariffs, payment of transport invoices, management of business cards, management of company car traffic sanction, support to the department in accounting matters of suppliers, preparation of external audit processes, resolution of incidents.

    Use of the Navision program. Indispensable advanced English.

  • 09.09.2021

    Company in the graphic arts sector located in Sant Feliu is looking for a person to do the repair and maintenance of the workshop and warehouse facilities.

    The person must do basic plumbing and electrical work, properly using their own maintenance support tools. Welding knowledge is valued.

  • 08.09.2021

    Molins de Rei company is looking for a warehouse clerk by temporary contract with the possibility of extension. Essential truck driver's license.

    -Loading and unloading of trucks and raw materials with wheelbarrow for relocation in the warehouse
    -Make packaging and other formats of chemicals
    -Warehouse cleaning, organization and maintenance

    Use of the forklift, manual pallet truck and packaging machines

  • 08.09.2021

    Molins de Rei company is looking for an administrative assistant. Database management, order recording, transport agency documentation, support to the administrative department. Use of the office package, RP Eurowin program and email. Temporary contract with the possibility of extension.

  • 08.09.2021

    Wholesale scrap and metal warehouse located in Sant Feliu, looking for two people to do sorting, sorting and palletizing metals and others.

  • 07.09.2021

    Construction company is looking for a versatile machinist for earthmoving machinery and Dumper truck.

    Excavations, loading and unloading of trucks and the tasks of the workplace.

  • 21.07.2021

    Customer service, advice and data processing in relation to the accounting area of customers. Introduction of settlement and monitoring of the accounting process, control, processing and archiving of invoices. Filing taxes and other regular office tasks.

  • 22.07.2021

    Assistant installer for wall and ceiling coverings, partition panels and insulation with panels in cold rooms. Works in height of 5 meters, scaffolding and stairs, manipulation of volumes. Experience in machinery is required: drills, shears, etc. Driver's license B essential.

  • 01.09.2021

    Insurance company is looking for commercial agents for its offices in Sant Feliu, El Prat and Gavà. Customer acquisition and monitoring, telephone calls, customer portfolio management and visits to shops and companies

    Training is provided by the company and a commercial contract with a fixed salary of 1,000 euros plus commissions. Driver's license and own vehicle will be valued. It is required to have approved Graduate School or GESO studies.

    Interested persons should send their CV to the following email address

  • 05.07.2021

    Gestoria de Sant Feliu is looking for a technician from the work area to replace a maternity leave, starting in September.

    It is important to have knowledge of the A3NOM, Siltra and RED System programs. As well as hiring and payroll.

    The main tasks to be performed will be: Carrying out contracts, settlements, payroll and extra payments, contributions, processing of sick leave, payment of wage embargoes, sending 111 and 190, employment advice, etc.

    Interested persons must detail in the CV the work and tasks related to the realization of the payrolls.

  • 25.08.2021

    Sant Feliu company is looking for a person to carry out accounting and administrative tasks in general.

    Proficiency in office software and SAGE is required, as well as a good level of English.

  • 24.08.2021

    Maintenance technician, advice on security devices and security camera installations grade 2.

    Previous experience in this type of work will be valued. Those people who do not have experience, the company will offer them training for two weeks.

    The curriculum vitae and cover letter must be attached.

  • 24.08.2021

    Special work center located in Sant Sadurní is looking for people who have a certificate of disability for the handling of cava bottles.

    The tasks to be performed are: labeling, wrapping bottles, positioning collars, assembling cases, counting and verifying, distinguishing the variety of bottle that goes to each exhibitor, fitting bottles in honeycomb, gluing boxes, assembling exhibitors, filling displays, palletizing ... You will need to use the silicone gun to glue the boxes.

  • 03.08.2021

    Retail trade in Sant Feliu de Llobregat is looking for a manipulator - workshop apprentice to carry out the following tasks: handling and processing of meat products and sausages. Apprenticeship applications that interest the sector and with motivation to learn the trade will be valued.


  • 29.07.2021

    Cooperativa is looking for a facilitator to carry out, together with the Governing Council, the management, development and consolidation of the Cooperative.

    The date of incorporation will be from September 1, 2021.

  • 05.07.2021

    URGENT Bar / restaurant is looking for a kitchen helper to do the following tasks: making breakfasts, sandwiches, tapas, mixed dishes, bar support tasks and cleaning common areas and kitchen. Food handling card and cooking experience required.

  • 05.07.2021

    We are looking for a cleaner for an appliance store in Sant Feliu.

  • 30.06.2021

    Essential Certificate of social exclusion.
    Warehouse packer for the preparation of orders for organic fruit and vegetables. Loading and unloading of boxes, palletizing, labeling. It will work in warehouse and camera (7-9ºC). It takes physical effort. Autonomy, stress tolerance and learning ability will be valued. Valuable: forklift and food handler card.

  • 29.06.2021

    URGENT Furniture distribution and installation company is looking for a warehouse manager to carry out the following tasks: material control, picking, delivery and distribution of orders. B license and 4-5 years driving experience required.

  • 21.06.2021

    Assemblers of aluminum, wood and structures are needed for works. Officer and operator categories will be assessed.

    Use of tools: radial, grinders, drill, automatic screwdriver. Valuable driver's license.

  • 02.06.2021

    A company in the logistics sector located in Sant Feliu is looking for a person with the profile of administrative assistant to join the documentation department.

    Documentation control, data entry into the computer, communications, etc ...

  • 02.06.2021

    Hairdressing and beauty center is looking for an official 3rd, 2nd or 1st hairdresser for the tasks of a hairdresser, washing, cutting, dyeing, combing ...

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