Underground railway project

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30/06/2022 15:15:49



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Underground railway project
This train only happens once in a lifetime

Do you want to be part of the tables of the Burial Consultation?

The consultation of the burial that will decide the future of Sant Feliu will begin with the discovery of proposals that will take place on October 2 in the Festa del soterrament . The process will culminate with a vote open to all citizens between 8 and 21 November electronically and on Sunday 21 also with the possibility of voting in person, in 10 polling stations distributed throughout the city.

Each of these 10 polling stations will have a table, which will be made up of three residents of Sant Feliu who have been chosen by lot based on the municipal census of adults, and who will receive a notification at their home. Their duties will be to help the population vote during the face-to-face voting day on Sunday 21 November, and they must have alternates in case they cannot exercise them.

With the aim of facilitating and promoting the maximum participation of the citizens, the Commission for Monitoring the Consultation proposed that the alternates of these tables be citizens of Sant Feliu , who have previously wanted to sign up to be part of it in the event that the incumbents cannot be there on 21 November.

A historic day for the future of Sant Feliu

For this reason, the City Council encourages / offers the possibility to all people who want to be part of the history of our city participating in the Burial Consultation to register to be substitutes. They can do so from September 28 to October 25 at www.santfeliu.cat/participasoterrament , atCitizen Attention Office (OAC) during normal business hours or by calling 93 685 80 01.

If the volume of people voluntarily registered as substitutes is greater than the places available, a draw will be held to find out which of the people who have voluntarily registered will be part of the tables. People who are selected will receive a notification via SMS.

A few days before the face-to-face voting, all people who are part of the polling stations in one of the polling stations, either because they have received the notification or because they have registered voluntarily, will receive prior training. And all the people who are part of the tables on the 21st will receive financial compensation.

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