Underground railway project

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30/06/2022 15:14:33



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Underground railway project
This train only happens once in a lifetime

How can I find out?

In order to be able to know in more detail the proposals of the two questions of the Burial Consultation, the City Council has organized several explanatory sessions .

In addition to these activities, explanations at the Voting Centers and other participatory sessions open to the public are planned during the voting period.

The proposals are also permanently displayed in the Voting Centers so that everyone who wants can come and know more details of the Consultation.

Results of the explanatory sessions to the public:

Voting center:

Voting manual:

A voting manual has been drawn up with all the information relating to the Underground Consultation (pdf) . In this booklet you can learn more about the three proposals in the field of undergrounding as well as be able to compare the three projects by areas and there is also all the information of the question related to the preservation of the memory of the station. The manual also includes an agenda of participatory activities, open to the public and an explanation of the voting system.

Digital burial bulletin:

Fortnightly sending of all the information related to the works of the burial and the Consultation. News, videos, agenda, ... To receive it you just have to be there subscribed .

Items on the street:

From Friday 15 October, two information elements were installed at street level (Plaça de la Salut and Tramvia stop). In addition, in the area near the train tracks there are 11 vinyls on the ground where a QR code can be scanned and obtain more information about the proposals and the Sant Feliu of the future. Consult the map location of the elements and discover all the information on the proposals.

Social Networks:

Through the main profiles of the official social networks of the City Council such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now also WhatsApp. YouTube has a video channel related to Burial and Query.

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