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30/06/2022 14:52:38



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Underground railway project
This train only happens once in a lifetime

Third step: green light in the Burial Consultation

The plenary session of July 2021, held in a telematic session on the 29th, definitively approved that the Burial Consultation be held between 8 and 21 November 2021. The members of the City Council also agreed on the content of the two questions that make up this Consultation.

Thus, it was also approved the incorporation of a second question on the preservation of the memory of the station, thus addressing a public demand and the proposals that emerged in the debates held in the framework of the Heritage Week 2019 .

Citizens will therefore be able to vote in response to:

The Monitoring Committee for the Burial Consultation has been set up

At the same plenary session in July, it was also agreed to appoint the members of the Underground Consultation Monitoring Committee, a body that was set up as a guarantee of transparency and quality.

As a result of this agreement, on 9 September the Underground Consultation Monitoring Committee was set up, which is made up of nine members: one person appointed by each municipal group, and four people representing different sectorial councils (Municipal Council of Women, Municipal Council of Culture, Council of Solidarity and Advisory Council of Urbanism). The Municipal Children's Council is also a guest council.

On the day of the constitution of the Commission, the presidency and the secretariat were chosen, awarding Maite Ruf as president and Jordi San José and José Luis Haro as secretaries. Maite Ruf is an architect and has been proposed by the Town Planning Advisory Board; Jordi San José was mayor of Sant Feliu between 2011 and 2019 and has been proposed by the municipal group Sant Feliu en Comú Podem; and José Luis Haro holds a PhD in Political Science and has been proposed by the PSC municipal group.

The Commission, in accordance with the Regulations for Citizen Participation and Collaboration, is the body responsible for ensuring that the Citizen Consultation is carried out in accordance with current regulations and taking into account the general principles of citizen participation set out in the said regulation.

In addition, the Commission may also resolve any issue related to the Consultation, and its agreements are binding.

Operation of the Consultation

The underground consultation that will decide the future of Sant Feliu will culminate with a vote from 8 to 21 November electronically, and Sunday 21 also with the possibility of voting in person, in 10 polling stations distributed throughout the city.

They will be part of the polling stations of these 10 centers, residents of Sant Feliu chosen by lot based on the municipal census of adults, who will receive an official notification. Each table will consist of three members who will help citizens vote.

The Monitoring Committee of the Consultation proposed that the alternates of these tables be citizens of Sant Feliu, who have previously wanted to sign up to be part of it in case the incumbents can not be the day of face-to-face voting.

If the volume of people registered voluntarily as substitutes is greater than the places available, a draw will be held to find out which of the people who have registered will be part of the tables.

A few days before the face-to-face voting, all people who are part of the polling stations in one of the polling stations, either because they have received the notification or because they have registered voluntarily, will receive prior training. Finally, all people who are part of the tables on November 21 will receive financial compensation.

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