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30/06/2022 15:16:59



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Underground railway project
This train only happens once in a lifetime

The Rambla Major proposal and the integration of a memory space in the new station are the winning projects in the Underground Consultation

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The Rambla Major proposal and the integration of a memory space in the new station are the winning projects in the Underground Consultation

Sant Feliu de Llobregat has held the Burial Consultation from 8 to 21 November, where 38,840 people over the age of 16 have been called to choose the city's urban future once the roads are buried. With two questions to answer, the Burial Consultation culminated in a vote in which 6,299 people participated, a figure that represents 16.22% of the total census.

The population was able to vote electronically (5,187 votes) and on November 21, 10 Voting Centers were set up so that citizens could also vote in person in an assisted manner (1,112 votes). The blank votes cast were 80 on the first question and 89 on the second.

It should be borne in mind that all age groups have exceeded 10% participation as well as all neighborhoods in the municipality (except the neighborhood of Falguera, which is very close, with 9.85%).

An unprecedented consultation

As explained by the councilor for participation and first deputy mayor, Oriol Bossa 'our main objective was to make the exercise of the vote simple to guarantee citizen participation, and this is has succeeded '. Bossa also stressed that 'we have paved the way for a deepening of participatory democracy, beyond the representative one, as every year Sant Feliu will hold a consultation on an issue of interest to the city'. “This is a path of no return,” he ruled.

For his part, Francesc Moliner , a member of the Consultation Monitoring Committee, explained the work of this transversal body - with people appointed by all the municipal groups present at the town hall , and members of city-sector councils; of what he has highlighted that at all times he has ensured that the process is transparent, from the absolute impartiality and with the maximum guarantees. Moliner explained that there were no notable incidents during the voting process or during the face-to-face voting day, which he considered 'good news'.

Núria Arbussà , Deputy Director General of Electoral Processes and Direct Democracy of the Generalitat de Catalunya, then spoke , defining the path to the Consulta and the Consulta itself, as 'a complete process'. , which began with a participation process in 2018 and now culminated in the final election by the public.

Arbussà, congratulated the City Council of Sant Feliu for three main reasons: the quality of the consultation, which has been guaranteed through good and accurate information to the public; the experience of the municipality that has managed to make telematic voting compatible with face-to-face voting; and finally for the result, which he has defined 'as a success.'

'Sant Feliu has won'

In her speech, the Mayor of Sant Feliu, Lídia Muñoz , after thanking the public for their participation and the work of the people who have made this process possible, praised the fact that 'with the Consultation and thanks to a great pedagogical effort, it has been possible to talk about town planning in the houses, despite the complexity of the subject that was put to the vote'.

Muñoz also highlighted the participation of people aged 16 to 18 who voted for the first time, and that in the words of the mayor 'they have been able to feel more about the city', emphasizing that 'it has been preferred to give voice to the citizens , instead of making decisions in an office '.

Finally, Muñoz announced the winning proposals that 'will jointly decide the urbanization of more than 160,000m2 of surface', emphasizing that 'they have been chosen jointly and in a participatory way'.

Now Sant Feliu is starting the phase of returning the results to the public, as well as the contracting process for the winning proposal, while the underground works continue to be carried out according to the planned schedule.

Burial Query Results:

What do you consider to be the best proposal in the field of burial?

  • Rambla Major (2,790 votes)
  • The Passeig del Samontà (2,601 votes)
  • The great Orchard (828 votes)
  • Blank (80 votes)

What do you think is the best proposal to preserve the memory of the station?

  • Integrate a memory space of the original building, in the new station of Sant Feliu (4,559 votes)
  • Make a replica of the original station building in a different location from the current one (1,651 votes)
  • Blank (89 votes)
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